Winter Hill Brewing Company offers a full service coffee and espresso bar.

Proudly serving local coffee from Broadsheet Coffee Roasters.

Since their founding, Broadsheet Coffee Roasters has committed to showcasing the very best in conscientiously-sourced coffees.  They are Cambridge’s first (and only) specialty coffee roastery.

Currently Brewing

Rotating single origin pour-over selections available daily


Headliner is Broadsheet’s fresh, seasonal blend.  The contents might change, but the freshness of the coffees in the bag won’t, and neither will the flavor profile. Something that works as a pour-over, in your automatic brewer, or as an espresso.  A great morning cup, black or with milk, as well as something interesting enough to hold the attention of aficionados. Currently using a blend of Colombian and naturally processed Ethiopian coffees that have just landed.

Bulletin Blend

Rich and smooth, this crowd-pleasing blend has us tasting toasted nuts and rich dark chocolate in addition to sweet brown sugar.

Grab and Go Food

including egg sandwiches, sweet and savory pastries and baked goods

Tuesday – Saturday

8:00 am to 11.30 am